The first beanie hat

If you’ve read my first post, you’ll remember that I have two pictures there of the same mittens but in different colours. Well, of course, by then I wanted to add to the set (please note that I hadn’t made the mittens in this colour until I’d first made this hat and a scarf (to be posted about later).

I browsed the internet for a cool pattern and found the perfect one – also with a button! 😀 Just click here for the pattern (Thank you Rachel for the lovely pattern!). So off, I went to buy the supplies…

Now, I have to say that my favourite shop to buy wool and supplies from is John Gregory, which is situated next to the church in Msida, Malta. However, this time, I bought my wool from a local shop in Rabat which is smaller and more limited. Anyway, it was in the beginning of summer and I wanted chunky wool – imagine how hard it is to find something like that in a smaller shop! Nonetheless, I found a 500g ball of really nice Aran in a beige colour with brown specks all over. She assured me that it was chunky (it wasn’t really…) so I thought, yes, even though it’s not the same colour as the mittens, it’s similar in style – I was sold!

Now the pattern specifically says that you need to start this hat in a seed stitch – something I’d never heard of before! So, I asked mum and she explained it to me. I thought I’d got it and worked on it. It was a fairly easy pattern to make and the result was much better than the disaster I’d had earlier with another different hat (which I destroyed!) and here’s the picture to prove it! 😉


The button is actually from mum’s old collection of spares from clothes, etc. According to the pattern, you should go bigger than that but in the end, it’s your choice how to decorate it.

Problem with this hat? You see none, you might say but there is a mistake (which thankfully doesn’t look bad at all). The band is supposed to be in seed stitch but for some strange reason, I misunderstood mum’s instructions and I worked a garter stitch instead! (this is the most basic stitch where you work every row in knit stitch)

Nonetheless I do love the result! :3 What do you think? Do leave feedback!



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