My new dress – from a pattern made from scratch

In my last post I mentioned I was knitting a dress and that I’d finished the wool…I had to wait for about a month or so before the shopkeeper I was waiting on told me there was no way she could get me the wool, so I just up and went to the main wool shop here in Malta (John Gregory Ltd, Msida) and immediately found what I needed. I set to work almost instantly afterwards and finished the dress.

The story of this dress starts around November/December 2014 when my parents and I were visiting some shops. I saw these knitted dresses and I thought: “Hey, I could make one of these…a better one which will fit me perfectly!” So as soon as I was home, I set to work, with mum’s help, to create a pattern.

First things first, I never did a gauge before but I had to this time to make sure that the wool and needles I’d be using would produce the exact measurements I’d need. After confirming the gauge, I set about taking down my measurements and with a little basic mathematics and the knowledge I’ve accumulated from knitting, I started writing down the pattern. It’s not really that difficult when you think about it. Basic maths, plus basic knitting skills are all you need. Then, of course, since it’s a new pattern, there will be a few instances which will be trial and error. This happened mostly with the hip – waist area where I was decreasing stitches, and with the cowl neck (which I had to do three times….third time’s the charm they say).

Knitted cowl neck dress
Knitted cowl neck dress

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the result – I made something custom made to my tastes which fits me perfectly, and I’m even more satisfied because I made it. From knitting very simple scarves to creating patterns…very satisfying indeed šŸ™‚

Next project (which is almost finished) is a coat for my dog. He’s not giving me an easy time trying the thing on him to see how it’s coming though. More on that in a future post šŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with this for now. Let me know what you think! šŸ™‚



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