A new coat for my dog

I have been buying coats for my dog for a few years now because he’s the type who feels the cold a lot, but now it’s a matter of severe arthritis and we really need to keep him warm. One of the problems of the coats you find for sale is that the velcro doesn’t hold after a while. Another problem, this time concerning our dog, is that he is on steroids for a brain inflammation and he has inevitably put on a lot of weight so the usual coat sizes on sale won’t fit around his stomach. So I decided I would make one for him. I had some grey Aran left over from the dress and a new ball of beige (both from the Kirkton House Rustic line) and started measuring my dog, Nemo.

I looked around online for a few knitted coat pictures to get an idea of what I would do and decided on what I needed to do. This time, I had already done the gauge for the wool so I knew exactly how the measurements should equal in stitches. I started from the neck downwards – so I started with circular needles in size 4cm for the rib part and 5cm for the rest. I knitted 5cm for each alternating colour and tried the work on Nemo as I went along because I really wanted this to be as accurate as possible due to his large frame.

Some funny moments ensued because Nemo, just did NOT want to have anything to do with it. I believe this was due to him seeing the needles though. Still, it was funny how every time I tried to slip the work over his head, he would whip his head away.

Anyway, I knitted on circular needles down to the front of his legs and then I separated the back section and the chest section and started knitting on straight needles, all the time using Nemo himself as reference.

This is the final product below. This time, Nemo was wagging his tail as we slipped it on him. He loves it – he looks comfortable in it and the Aran wool is sure to keep him very warm. Let me know what you think 🙂 Take care and Happy International Woman’s Day to the ladies 🙂

Front of coat

Back of coat



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