Finally! Back with a new finished project!

Hey everyone,

So sorry for the long wait but you cannot rush these things and sometimes you just cannot get the inspiration or the will to knit, especially with other things going on in your life.

Anyway, I’m back with tons of finished items, but let’s just start with one for now 🙂 A baby set.

So my cousin just had a baby a few weeks ago and before the little one was born, I thought I’d make her something small. At first I just thought of making a beanie hat from a pattern I’d already used before for a friend’s baby. I thought that would be perfect. So far so good. I found this pattern on Etsy. Unfortunately, the one I purchased (just the hat) is not available anymore. However, the seller has another pattern with the same hat and also some really nice booties.


As I was making my way through the beanie pattern, my mother suggested making a cardigan. I didn’t like the idea of ‘extra work’ at first but I was home sick so I started looking through my patterns folder to see if I had anything interesting; I did. I took a good look at the pattern instructions and at the materials I’d need and found that I already had everything I needed and that it wasn’t too difficult to follow. I found this pattern free from Ravelry. I remember looking at the ball of wool I’d used for the hat (Wendy Peter Pan DK) and said to mum, ‘Yeah okay but this is not going to be enough for a cardigan too…’ Mum sort of disagreed and said it should be enough. So I started with the second item soon after… I made a little adjustment to the pattern and inserted a couple of rows in the same purple colour as the line and bow from the hat in order to have them match…

But guess what! As I got to the last sleeve…halfway through it actually, my wool finished!! Aargh! Remember, I was sick and I wasn’t that keen on moving from the house. Off we went on a very quick errand to John Gregory Ltd. to buy another ball of the same wool. I thought, ‘Such a waste of money for just half a tiny baby sleeve…’


Mum, being her usual helpful self again, suggested I should make some booties to match the set so that I’d use up a bit more of the wool and not think it ‘a waste of money’ as I’d so politely put it. I rolled my eyes and told her I’d think about it…

Me being the sucker for punishment that I am, I decided to make them in the end. I looked around on the internet for some easy baby booties and I really liked the Mary Jane-style booties. I easily found a free pattern and got to work. I adjusted this pattern also a little bit because I wanted to add the purple colour to match the entire set so I did a few stocking stitching instead of all knit.


All in all, the entire set looks nice, don’t you think? 🙂 My cousin loved them when I presented them to her. That’s the most important thing.

Okay, that’s it for today. Comment below if you liked these or if you have any questions 🙂

Take care everybody. Until next time! ❤



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