New Year’s Eve dress

Hello everybody!

Finally I’m back with a new post! First of all though, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope that it will be filled with love, peace, health, friendship and prosperity.

Okay, so let’s get back to the dress. The story behind this is that I had seen this Putting on the glitz dress pattern online and I absolutely loved it.

(Check out Lauren’s Girly Knits website for more cool patterns!) After I purchased the wool and everything, I started it and almost finished it in 2015, hoping I’d wear it for my birthday last January. Problem was that it was a bit too tight so I kind of abandoned the entire project. Last year, I decided to take it up again so I took it all apart (horrendously painful, I know) and started it again from scratch.

The other problem was that there wasn’t my size listed on the pattern but after looking at it carefully, I realised I could just work it out myself. I added an extra 20 stitches and worked with that. Then came the shaping of the bust. This was a teensy bit more complicated but I managed to work it out and it worked in my favour because I’m quite heavy-busted and I didn’t want it to arrive half-way up my bust 😀 I also made the entire dress longer because I thought it would look more elegant for the black-tie event I went to last night.


I think I used about 400g – 450g of DK wool. This was great because DK is the cheapest type of wool here in Malta! And it’s very easy to find this type of sparkly wool. I chose the wine-red colour because I wanted to wear red for New Year’s. All in all, I’m extremely happy with the result and I simply adore the lace detail under the bust and at the hem.

Thank you to Lauren for the amazing pattern!

Until next time my dears! Much love ❤





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