Knitting hurts!

Hello everybody!

Hope you are all well. At the moment I’m experiencing quite a bit of pain in my upper arms and shoulders and I definitely have been blaming it on knitting. I’ve had two weeks off work recently and I just focused on knitting something for a friend of mine who’s having a baby soon. It’s quite a big project so it’s heavy and I’m the type of person who hyper-focuses on tasks; this means I hardly take any breaks. Terrible way of doing things, I know!

Anyway, I’ve been suspecting that my pain stems from knitting and so this morning I decided to look it up. I found an article titled 29 Tips for Avoiding Knitting Pain! They are excellent tips and I wanted to share them with all of you, especially for any beginner knitters (and for anybody who tends to hyper-focus on tasks like me).

I have previously experienced really bad finger pain while knitting but I thought that it was to do with my arthritis; now, I know that it’s due to that and the knitting. I have tried the exercise ball when I had that and it really works in relieving the tension in the fingers. So that’s a definite tried and tested method! 🙂 Hope the rest of these tips (linked above in the title) help you (and me) have better, pain-free experiences with knitting (and crochet too I reckon).

I know, short post today but I really wanted to share this article with you as I know I’m not the only one suffering from this wonderful hobby!

Take care everybody and be healthy! ❤



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