I broke my needle!!

Hello fellow knitters/knitting fans,

So I was pretty excited about starting a new project today, seeing as I have a long weekend ahead of me. Now, unfortunately, the pattern required Aran wool but I cannot find nice funky colours in that thickness in Malta, so I decided to get double knitting.

After I calculated the stitch count and cast on the stitches I needed on my 80cm long circular needles, I started off… I was really looking forward to making this dress…

I got to the third row and…SNAP! One of the needles broke!

I might have even cried a little bit…

I couldn’t believe it. I may have felt utterly devastated in that moment, especially because the needles are part of a set I got for my birthday last year; however, it was my own fault because I thought I could knit in the round without using the magic loop method (this method is quite awesome!)

As you can all see from the picture below, I even tried a quick fix by taping it together… It didn’t work…obviously…


I have definitely learnt my lesson and I am now waiting for a new pair of these interchangeable needles to be delivered to my house. Have you ever had any mishaps like this while knitting? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, I bid you goodnight for today.

Until next time! ❤


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