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Changes coming soon

Changes coming soon

Hello everybody!

Hope your week has been great. This post is going to be a little different because I’d like to tell you about a new venture I’ve embarked on together with my parents. We are going to start making wire jewellery and other things made with wood, clay, etc. Together we thought we could incorporate everything together with the knitting and start selling things online.

Therefore, this blog will no longer be just for knitting but it will also be talking about all the jewellery and other hand-made items we make. Of course, the name will also change and we already have the name in place. We have the domain name and the website is currently under construction. Everything will be revealed in time…

Everything is so exciting at the moment for all of us here. We can’t wait to have our logo and to start putting up pictures of items for sale. We have to start small of course but we have been doing all of these things (except for the jewellery) for a long time and we can’t wait to show you what we have so far and what we will be doing in the future!

I shall leave off here this time. Meanwhile, I hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you soon! ❤


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